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Jakarta, Indonesia
Founder and Co-ordinator of Jakarta Beatbox Clan and Founder of the first beatboxing school in Indonesia "Gazelle Beatbox School"


Laurentius Caesarando as known as "Gazelle Cross" , is a Indonesian Beatboxer. he was born in Jakarta , 4th March 1992.

He has been beatboxing since 2009 when he was still in high school. He got talent in beatboxing, music, performing arts and entertainer. He is also have a good sense of art, graduated from "Santa Theresia Tourism High" he is now studying Design and Communication at Binus University Jakarta

Competiting in the "Indonesias Got Talent" the Global TV show, he got in the semifinals and since then he became more active in his performing life, and became a profesional in his beatbox performances, with lots of track records. one of them is performing at the "Axis International Java Jazz Festival 2011."

With high determination in his beatboxing life, he is now a founder of the most named Beatbox Group in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta "The Jakarta Beatbox Clan" , and the founder also teacher of the first beatboxing school in Indonesia the "Gazelle Beatbox School"

For booking & information contact :

Office : (021)91010789

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BB pin : 213b00d5 (Manager)

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My dream about the end of the world

hey guys, my name is Rando ,im 19, im from Indonesia.
long story short, im writing this right now because i just woke up from my 3rd dream of the end of the world , this one is actually scary and seems so real.
all of the dream are tsunamis. just now i googled about dreams and premonition about the end of the world, and some are simmiliar to mine.
so let me tell you about what i see. i kinda forget about the first dream , but its about tsunami, but i remember the second one , i was at Jogja (city in Indonesia) , walking down the streets , suddenly the sky turn dark , and everythings go silent, and building appears to be tilt , but its not an earthquake , its more like the universe is tilt, like PISA tower in italy .
after that a huge wave of tsunami about 100meters high or more , very tall ! sweeps everything around me including me and my family.
i was schocked , i dont breath because i am drowned , before i realize it, i can breath in the water, then i start looking around , i see everybody is okay , then i realize it , we are allready dead , i can see my body drowned , and then before i know it i allready wake up , and remember the whole thing.

and the third one. this one is the scariest , and just happened this morning , i was at my appartement , with my family , and my relatives , the condition is allready in chaos , TV's is broadcasting about the tsunami disaster happening all over the world , and then i look out, people starts running , theres tsunami , and it landed far away from my place . then theres come the second one , it landed awas from my place but its very tall , i can see it from my window. everybody panicked ,, the street was flooded about 10 meter high. then it comes again , the tsunami . we dont get direct hit m but the flooding get worse , it reach my appartement, every body is getting to the high place in the building , and i got saperate with my family.
in this dream , i felt it happening live, i was scared , and i cant even think what to do , i pray to God , to forgive my sins, i was in despair .
then i got up to the highest ground. after few hours, the flooding is gone away. then the worst part came.
from the top of the building , i saw creature like dogs, running on the street chasing people. and eat them.
and then comes again more creature , like monster, making weird noises , if youve watch Alien versus predator, they sounded just like predator. now that i mentioned it , they look kinda the same.
and they start entering my building , they're throwing rocks ,
i can only watch , and worried about my family , because i dont know where they are. i was afraid , and helpless, and then the worst part . comes a huge creature ,the skin is like purple , the size is like 10x human , it breaths heavily , i can hear it from the top of the building , it enters the building, and then.
i woke up sweating.
i was terrified .

i wrote this article because i want to know, what is this dream i keep having ?
what it means ? do anyone had the same as i ?        

please do share about your experienece, or you could help me figure out, why am i kept on getting this dream..

thx guys

Performing at Java Jazz festival 2011

Performing at Java Jazz festival 2011

Me and the Jakarta Beatbox Clan crew , performed at the Java Jazz 2011 at Jiexpo.
Thanks God, it was such a big opportunity for us to perform at the Java Jazz .
Was really fun, to perform in such big event, and to hangout with the guys :)

Video coming soon !